Friday, September 22, 2006

Black Republicans start a nasty ad campaign

The National Black Republican Association has started running a hard-hitting radio attack ad against Democrats in Maryland. It is meant to benefit black GOP Senate candidate Micheal Steele. It alleges that MLK Jr. was a Republican and that Democrats founded the KKK. Ouch. These allegations are being disputed by Democrats and historical experts.

The Washington Post spoke to a University of Maryland political scientist who slammed the ad's "distortions."

"It is a totally fallacious rendition of the platform of the parties because, in effect, what happened is, the two parties essentially switched ideology," Ronald Walters said.

A link to the ad.


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Freedem said...

Democrats did found the KKK and in years past most Blacks were Republican. The Republicans even adopted the elephant as a totem to remind them never to forget the treason and bigotry of the Southern Democrats.

Then Nixon had his Southern Strategy and brought Fascism, Bigotry, and Theocracy to be a Republican trademark, and, especially in the South, everybody traded sides.

Having totally forgotten the reason for the elephant, they should now take the hippo as a true totem, and change their name to Hippocrats.


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