Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Polls!

A collection of new polls have come out in the last two days, with some interesting numbers:

  • Jim Davis has cut into Charlie Crist's lead in the Florida Governor's race. A new Strategic Vision poll has Davis only 8 points behind Crist. Crist is at 49%, with Davis at 41%.

  • Ned Lamont has also trimmed the lead of the favorite in his Connecticut Senate race against Joe Lieberman. An ARG poll puts Lamont at 45%, with Lieberman at 47%. Lamont has stormed back from his previous double-digit deficit. Could there be an upset in CT? One interesting note in this poll: 66% of CT Republicans support Lieberman. That will decide this election. Will GOPers back Joe, or will they stick with the faltering Republican candidate?


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