Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Iowa poll = Bad news for Hillary

A new poll of 2008 presidential candidates done for the Des Moines Register shows that, in Iowa at least, Hillary Clinton may be stumbling in her campaign. The poll put Republicans in a hypothetical head-to-head match up against various Democrats who may run, and Hillary lost to every single GOPer in her match ups, which were against John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Bill Frist. The poll also showed that Hillary is viewed unfavorably by 49& of Iowans. That is not good. But Dems like her, with the vast majority giving her favorable numbers. Still...

Clinton enjoys much greater popularity within her own party. Roughly eight in 10 likely Democratic voters have favorable feelings toward her.

"I think she's a fine person. I think she can give you a good speech. I just think she has some real baggage - too much Senate votes, too much support for the Iraq war," said poll participant Alice Davis, a member of the Democratic Central Committee in Appanoose County.

Could these numbers suggest an Iowa upset is in the works? Or that Hillary may bow out of the race entirely? Not exactly. But this may cause her campaign to try a new strategy in order to make Hillary more likable.

Meanwhile the big winners for the GOP were clearly Giuliani and McCain. They defeated all Democrats in their hypothetical races.


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