Saturday, September 23, 2006

Crist rakes in more cash

Charlie Crist blew Dem opponent Jim Davis out of the water in the latest fundraising report. Crist raised nearly $1.2 million while Davis brought in less than $149,000. That's really bad news for Davis. He needs all the cash he can get if he even wants a shot at defeating the lovable Crist.

Crist also snuffed out another small controversy involving his campaign. He fired a minister that was working with his campaign after The Rev. O'Neal Dozier termed Islam a ''cult'' and a ''dangerous religion".

''While Charlie Crist respects Rev. Dozier's right to express his political and religious beliefs, he does not agree with Rev. Dozier's recent statements and writings concerning Islam,'' according to a statement issued Friday by Crist's deputy press secretary Erin Isaac.

`While radical jihadists give Islam a bad name, Charlie Crist believes that we must not confuse those who practice any religion with a prayer toward peace with extremists who pervert religion to further a radical cause.''


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