Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2008 Rankings From Political Buzz: The Democrats

Here is the first look at the ranking of 2008 Democratic presidential contenders from Political Buzz. This is what we think, but feel free to give PB your opinion on our rankings, and also your own listing of Dem contenders. Our GOP rankings will be posted soon.


Hillary Clinton -

Hillary is obviously at the top of the heap for the Dems. Besides her minimal scare when Ned Lamont was rallying the anti-war movement in the Democratic Party Hillary has had a smooth journey to the nomination. Some recent comments show that she is running and that she expects to win. Something big will have to happen for Hillary’s arrow to start pointing downward.

Al Gore -
A few weeks ago, Gore would be nowhere on this list. But his very public saber-rattling concerning an ’08 run has vaulted him to a clear contender in the race. Gore is well liked by almost all in the party and has insurmountable anti-war cred with the left-wing Dems.

John Edwards -

If Gore doesn’t run, Edwards will make an attractive alternative to Hillary for many Dems. His apology for voting for the war in Iraq is a big plus for him. Still, he has a long way to go to reach Hillary or Gore. Gains in some polls a few months ago have already leveled out.

John Kerry -

Kerry has plummeted from his post-election popularity and wave of sympathy. His vigorous campaigning for ’08 has hurt him more than it has helped, with top Dems wanting him to step aside for Hillary and Al. His recent comments about Iowa voters “accepting” him more this time around show his deluded state of mind. Iowa and the primaries weren’t the problems for Kerry in ‘04: it was everywhere else in the general.

Mark Warner -
Warner’s stunning jolt of publicity from his virtual reality interview has pushed him up the ranks of Dem contenders for 2008. Polls show him steadily gaining ground, and his huge popularity in Virginia may spread. But Warner, like everyone not named Hillary or Al, is a non-factor in the presidential race. A vice presidential spot may be open for him. A good ticket could be Hillary-Warner. A moderate-to-liberal woman from the north paired with a moderate-to-conservative man from down south.

Bill Richardson/Evan Bayh/Russ Feingold -
This trio will only serve to crowd the debating platforms in the winter of ‘07/’08. They have no chance – with Hillary or without her. A double team of Feingold and Gore in the debates may produce a few gulps amongst the Clinton and Edwards crowds, but that’s about it. Richardson is another Veep possibility.


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At 2:34 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

I like your analysis. I've posted it on You Decide 2008 as well.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger The Sun State Activist said...

Thanks YD2008! You've got a great site yourself.


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that there's a chance that Hillary doesn't run, since I think she couldn't win in the general, and opts to be senate minority/majority leader after Harry Reid retires. I think this is his last term serving.


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