Saturday, August 19, 2006

Newt endorses Joe Lieberman

Deep in the NYT article on the GOP's efforts to support Joe Lieberman posted earlier on Political Buzz, there was a small snippet in which Newt "WWIII" Gingrich firmly endorsed Lieberman in his Independent Senate bid.

"The right thing for people who believe the world is deeply dangerous is to re-elect Lieberman," Mr. Gingrich said. That is especially true, he said, because "the Republican Party's own candidate does not have any possibility of winning."

Do Gingrich and Republicans really love Joe that much? Does Lieberman now see himself as a right-wing conservative? Probably not. This seems to be just the first push in the complicated effort by Karl Rove and GOP strategists to boost Lieberman past Ned Lamont, and in the process paint the left as a "pro-terrorist" anti-war bunch

This strategy could end up backfiring for the GOP and for Lieberman, the more-than-willing recipient of the right's assistance. If Republican's continue to pledge support for Lieberman, and if his campaign begins to sound a bit too much like GWBush's, CT Dems could very well bolt. These polls showing Lieberman leading Lamont by double-digits are very early, and don't yet reflect Dems reaction to the torrent of GOP support for Joe. It would be no surprise if the next poll in the race would have Lieberman coming back to Lamont by a considerable number.

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