Saturday, August 19, 2006

FL political watch

New fundraising numbers are out in the Florida race for Governor, with GOPer Charlie Crist once again blazing past both his Republican and democratic opponents in getting the cash. Crist raised $158,000 in from August 5-11, while fellow GOPer Tom Gallagher took in $22,000 in the same period. Democrats Jim Davis and Rod Smith were well behind Crist in the same period, though with higher totals than the slumping Gallagher. Rod Smith raised $81,000 and Jim Davis raised $57,000. The higher totals fro Smith is surprising, considering he is trailing Davis in the polls and only has $302,000 left in campaign cash.


Charlie Crist - $158,000

Tom Gallagher - $22,000


Rod Smith - $81,000

Jim Davis - $57,000


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