Friday, August 18, 2006

FL political watch

The news for the embattled Senate candidate Katherine Harris continues to get worse. Besides her various other scandals and controversies (you all know what they are), Harris is now apparently losing endorsements. Harris had considered state Sen. Dan Webster a supporter who had given Harris his endorsement. However, Webster denies that he ever endorsed Harris, and is now actively supporting her GOP primary opponent Will McBride. The problem was, Harris expected Webster to attend a rally for her in Orlando. KH was befuddled as to why Webster went AWOL. "They called back twice and said he'd be here," said Harris. "He said he was going to be here on the stage with me today." That Orlando event soon went from bad to worse:

"He wasn't the only no-show for Harris' "Soaring for the Senate" rally.

None of the nine officials listed on her event flier appeared, leaving Harris on her own to address a group of about 40 supporters, reporters and campaign staff members.

The most prominent official on hand was former State Rep. Allen Trovillion who left office four years ago.

Harris spoke in an airplane hangar that seemed to highlight the modest size of the crowd. She said a last-minute location change - required because a tree fell on the hangar where the event was supposed to be held - kept crowd numbers down.

Airport officials, however, said no hangar had been damaged by a downed tree and that the rally was held in the hangar that had been originally booked.

Harris spoke for 10 minutes saying she was the only candidate with the conservative credentials to defeat Nelson. When she finished, red, white and blue balloons dropped onto an empty stage, rendered unnecessary by the sparse crowd."

That is really sad...really sad. And, to cap it all off, Harris' GOP primary opponents, including that thief Will McBride, are inching closer to her in the polls, and one of them could very well pull off what would be a huge upset.


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