Thursday, August 17, 2006

McCain as President

John McCain made a surprising move and actually responded in detail to the question of what JMac's top priorities would be as president. It happened in Iowa (of course) on Tuesday, as a voter asked him point blank about JMac as Prez. Leave it to JMac to be so sincere...

  • “I start by vetoing spending bills. There is just too much pork-barrel spending and we must become fiscally responsible.”*
  • “I would work more closely with our military allies. We need their support in the struggle that is ahead.”*
  • “I would speak every two weeks to the American people. You need to know what is happening — about the war and the many serious issues we face.”*
  • “I would make sure we don’t torture prisoners. I would close Guantanamo Bay.”

All of these stances are directly opposite to what Pres. Bush is doing, and McCain knows that. It seems all of his "support the Prez" tlak is just that; talk. McCain still wnats to be viewed as somewhat of a maverick, as he sees that as being the only way for him to get in the White House.


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