Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hillary backs Ned Lamont

Hillary Clinton gave Senate candidate Ned Lamont a big boost today, meeting with him, his wife, and his campaign manager Tom Swan in the living room of her Chappaqua, N.Y., home for a seemingly exuberant meeting. Hillary gave Lamont fundraising tips and pledged to campaign for Lamont against Ind. (aka GOP) Joe Lieberman.

Lamont's campaign was ecstatic: "It was very productive," Swan said. "We welcome Senator Clinton's offers of assistance and are confident that we will find ways to work with her and her team to get Ned Lamont elected to the Senate in November."

Lieberman's campaign was biting in its remarks on Ned's visit with Hillary, comparing Hillary's pro-war vote with Joe's views: "So, we'll be curious to see whether Ned Lamont attacks Hillary Clinton's record the way he has distorted Joe Lieberman's," Gerstein said. "We suspect he won't, which just goes to show that so much of what he is doing is political opportunism and not principle."

This may be a boost for Lamont in the moderate Dem department, but a sour note for his anti-war base. However, advantage Lamont after this. Hillary's fundraising machine can only help him.


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