Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Romney Gets Tough

GOP '08 contender Mitt Romney blasted his two biggest hurdles to the nomination, trashing Rudy Giuliani and John McCain as not "real" conservatives and even calling McCain disingenuous. Ouch.

"I'm a conservative Republican. There's no question about that," Mr. Romney told the Washington Examiner. "I'm at a different place than the other two."

Mr. Romney said his positions were more conservative than those of the other men on immigration, campaign finance restrictions, same-sex marriage, and interrogation of detainees, but the governor took particular aim at Mr. McCain for claiming to oppose legalized gay marriage while also opposing a federal constitutional amendment to outlaw the practice.

"In my opinion, it's disingenuous," Mr. Romney said. "Look, if somebody says they're in favor of gay marriage, I respect that view. If someone says, like I do, that I oppose same-sex marriage, I respect that view. But those who try and pretend to have it both ways, I find it to be disingenuous."

This is a clear effort from Romney to quickly force GOP conservatives to take a hard look at the conservative credentials of Rudy and JMac. He's down in the polls and still can;t break through with the right over his Mormon faith. He must play hardball if he wants to make a primary splash.

Meanwhile, here are some little known facts about the outgoing Mass. Guv.


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