Saturday, November 18, 2006

McCain Update

Lots of news about the GOP 2008 front-runner:

  • McCain has hired a champion debate coach from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University (those two are awfully chummy) to help JMac prepare for his '08 run. No doubt he is more than a little worried about fan favorite Rudy in the GOP primary debates. Or is he looking past that and on towards the showdown with Hillary or Barack? What confidence!

  • A sure sign that you are a presidential candidate: McCain is now taking verbal pot shots from prospective '08 rivals in the GOP. Mike Huckabee blasted JMac yesterday for his campaign finance reform law, saying that McCain drew it up to unfairly favor his own presidential campaign. "McCain was very smart in creating a system where he could take all of this Senate money that he had and turn it over to his presidential campaign to give him a distinct advantage over anyone else who ran," he said. Huckabee then went for the jugular: "I think McCain would be a wonderful vice president." Ouch.

  • A pre-'08 analysis of a McCain campaign shows all of JMac's good and bad political qualities. Ron Fournier, the author, likes McCain's chances after his recent conservative speechathon, drumming up right-wing support with some serious pandering. But then Fournier goes on about McCain's bipartisan appeal and moderate stances. Yes, it's true that McCain once was a moderate. But no longer. Not sure how one can be bowing before Jerry Falwell and the Heritage Foundation and then be considered a moderate at the same time. McCain is bound to get caught up in the usual political web of abandoning your principles to get elected. His moderation will soon be out the window.


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