Friday, November 17, 2006

New Dem Poll On '08 + Gor(e)y Musings

A new USATODAY/Gallup poll on the many Dem presidential contenders shows that Hillary and Barack are running away with the race. Even Al Gore has taken a back seat to Obama fever. Gore is in a free-fall, with his numbers dropping from 16% last summer to only 9& this month. Obama has catapulted almost straight to the top, trailing only the Hillary juggernaut. Edwards is holding his own, setting up for yet another Veep run - this time with Obama.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barack Obama
John Edwards
Al Gore
John Kerry
Joe Biden
Wesley Clark
Bill Richardson
Evan Bayh
Russ Feingold
Tom Daschle
Chris Dodd
Tom Vilsack

No opinion

What do all these numbers mean? That it's only a two-way race for the Dems. The full numbers show that Obama is siphoning support from only two sources; Hillary and Gore supporters. Those two saw large drops in their numbers, while the rest of the supporting cast either stayed steady or saw a blip of an increase.

Meanwhile, Al Gore is no longer the flavor of the month. How fickle those Dem voters can be. Though it;s not as if Gore was the best prospective candidate for them. This means that we can expect another doc from Al (great...) Will he team up with Michael Moore and Dick Morris on a scathing and career altering expose` about Hillary, thus securing an Obama win and a possible Veep slot over the lethargically perky Edwards? Morris does predict some sort of Gore involvement in the '08 campaign, be it as a presidential candidate or just the perfect Hillary-stopper.

"The Democratic primaries for president will feature the ‘new Democrats’ of the Bill Clinton variety – as embodied by Hillary – against the new left as embodied by Howard Dean and, increasingly, by Al Gore,” Morris tells NewsMax.

"It will be interesting, but the likely Democratic match-up will be Clinton versus Gore. The bumper sticker of ’92 and ’96 will split in half.”

Bold prediction. But a Gore presidential run is almost completely out of the question by now. Gore and Morris despise H, so a joint effort to back Obama in the primaries and then set up a potentially popular ticket of Obama-Gore is not implausible. Will Dick M be the Donna Brazille of '08? Al sure hopes not...


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