Sunday, November 19, 2006

'Fox News Sunday' Analysis: Kerry + Gingrich

John Kerry got tentatively grilled by a belligerent Chris Wallace attempting to repeat his Clinton bashing on Fox News Sunday this morning. Wallace got in Kerry's face early, repeatedly slamming Kerry over his "joke" concerning US soldiers and Iraq. And Kerry responded right back at CW...with nothing. It was a repeat of Kerry's '04 Swiftboating. He pooh-poohed the joke fiasco and then went on about "bipartisanship" and "I learned my lessons", but that was it. No rousing Clinton-esque smackdown of Wallace.

Chris Wallace looked no better, hammering away on the silly botched joke for probably half of the interview, ignoring Iraq and Kerry's '08 ambitions until the very end. Poor job.

Kerry comes away form the FNS interview with no real damage, although he hasn't really gained anything from it, either. He gave clear intentions of running again, saying that he will make a decision near the beginning of 2007. But he is still far behind the two-headed monster that is Hillary and Obama. Dems want to continue with the success of the midterms and go for someone new in the presidential ring. Kerry blew his only real chance.

Newt Gingrich gave an uninspired performance on FNS after Kerry. He prattled on about what the GOP must do to regain DC power and relevancy in the nation. Good ideas, but he has noticeably turned down his fiery rhetoric of "World War III" and the "evil" Nancy Pelosi that he spewed during the summer. Has Newt been humbled by the Dem victory? Or is he trying to turn down the 2008 expectations that some conservatives are placing upon him? He is the only real conservative with a reasonable shot at the '08 nomination, and he knows it. He said as much in his appearance. But then he snuffed out the right-wing dreamers by saying that he won't even think about a presidential campaign until "probably September of next year". Oh.


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