Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Newt Gets Tough

Quasi-presidential candidate Newt Gingrich gave a hard hitting speech last night in, of all places, New Hampshire. He went back to his popular Armageddon talk of this summer, when he seemed to be on Fox News every night spouting off about "The End" and the imminent beginning of WW III. He continued his assault on free speech in this "age of terror", actually calling for a semi-reversal of free speech laws during wartime.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.

Gingrich, speaking at a Manchester awards banquet, said a "different set of rules" may be needed to reduce terrorists' ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message.

"We need to get ahead of the curve before we actually lose a city, which I think could happen in the next decade," said Gingrich, a Republican who helped engineer the GOP's takeover of Congress in 1994.

"Lose a city". Perfect fodder for his right-wing base. Maybe this is how he feels he can "make" conservatives push for a Newt '08 campaign. Hey, whatever works for Newt. Maybe the GOP will see him as the only alternative to McCain and Rudy's "GOP-lite".

UPDATE: PB just discovered Newt's new column in Human Events Online. Besides relaying his family trip to Mount Vernon (!!??), Gingrich goes beyond hawkish on Iraq, trashing the Baker-Hamilton commission as worthless (even though they're backing Bush on Iraq) and calling for a final push in Mesopotamia for "victory or death". Looks like Newt is embroiled in a tit-for-tat with McCain over who can be the greater hawk on Iraq.


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victory or Death? Whose death, Newt? Easy for you to say.

Oh, and I loved Newt's defense of "staying the course". He asks us to imagine if George Washington had listened to bad news on the eve of the attack across the Delaware, and decided to "cut and run". Where would we be today?

History update, Professor Newt: George Washington and Co. would have been described by the military superpower they were fighting as "insurgents." Take a look at how they did, Newt. After an 8 year war: Insurgents 1, Superpower 0. Game over, next rematch scheduled 1812.


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