Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Florida Election Update: PB calls it for Davis!

With the primaries upon us, the negative attacks continued to fly in the Democratic race for Florida Governor. Jim Davis and Rod Smith went at each other (ok, Bob Graham filled in for Davis) at a Miami "Democratic unity" picnic. It got pretty nasty...

At a Labor Day picnic billed by Miami-Dade Democrats as a celebration of ''unity,'' the party's competing campaigns for governor engaged in an election eve smack-down.

State Sen. Rod Smith ripped into rival U.S. Rep. Jim Davis for voting against restitution for two wrongfully convicted black men. A black activist who supports Davis heckled at Smith to stop ``race-baiting.''

Davis' surrogate at the picnic, former Florida Gov. Bob Graham, fired back at Smith and trashed his allies in the sugar industry. A union leader walked out, muttering, ``Let's hear something positive.''

Despite Rod Smith's feisty attacks, it appears that he is done as far as the governor's race is concerned. A recent Miami Herald poll puts Smith within 5% of Davis, but that goes against most other polls and fails to reflect the fact that Rod is plum out of cash. 28% of those polled also had failed to make up their minds on who to vote for. Smith's bad publicity in the past few weeks will no doubt sway those undecideds over to Davis.

After facing the facts, Political Buzz is not afraid to give the nomination to Jim Davis. He managed to rake in much more money and stay away from any real controversy (it always helps to have well respected elderly gentleman to throw mud for you); two things that are very important in politics. Rod may have a surprise left in him, but that's not likely.


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